Yacht Amenities & Professional Crew

Mega Yacht Charter with Professional Crew


Yacht Crew

Sit back, relax and let our yacht crew oversee your trip of a lifetime.  With over 20 years of experience, our captain commits to delivering a professional, committed & friendly crew to every charter. Trending’s crew is a central factor in providing our inclusive and luxurious yacht vacation.


Trending’s fine dining experience delivers gourmet cuisine while accommodating any diet. Our master chef has years of experience & presents a diverse variety of dining options to accommodate your mega yacht experience.


Complementary to our megayacht, we utilize “Trender” to escort you to and from your excursions. Aboard Trender we will introduce you to the world’s most beautiful beaches, shops, sunset cruises, scuba and snorkeling sites & hidden treasures. It’s spacious private cabin has air conditioning, fresh water standup shower, toilet and more for “all day” guest excursions around the islands. Quiet running with ample comfortable seating space and shaded areas, our Trender will accommodate your activities with luxury and comfort.


Hot tub, side pool bar, lounging areas & exquisite service – the opportunities aboard Trending Yacht are limitless! Customize your Trending experience with memorable excursions, entertainment, water toys and endless relaxation.


Bring your mega yacht charter experience to the next level with our water toys! With Trender, our 37 foot Boston Whaler and two additional smaller tenders (18 and 16 feet) you can participate in sport activities like wake boarding, water skiing, tubing, snorkeling trips, offshore sport fishing and more. With our glass bottom kayaks, paddle boards, jet skis, and tenders – Trending Yacht provides the ultimate vacation experience. More activities include personal sea-bobs and on-board scuba equipment. We keep charter guests as active as they want to be on their charter experience!


Feel like going scuba diving while you’re aboard Trending? We’ve got you covered! With top of the line dive gear and certified scuba instructors – we will bring you on an aquatic journey through the most beautiful waters in the world. We love scuba diving and can show many hidden secret sites!