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A Message From the Owner

Thank you for your interest in Trending.
Trending has just been refit to be the pinnacle of luxury, based on our experiences over 20 straight years as charter guests on 40 – 50 meter yachts.

We care, first and foremost, about guest happiness above all else. We promise to focus on serving and pampering you to your complete satisfaction. Your preferences are our mission to deliver, and our Chef will accommodate every guests culinary needs and desires.

The yacht is light feeling, modern, and open, with a nice wide 30 foot beam.
We love the focus we have placed on a great hot tub, comfortable showers in every quiet cabin, king sized beds with comfortable mattresses and pillows, beautiful dining and bar areas, many gathering places throughout the yacht so small groups can always find a place to enjoy, the music, videos, Xbox’s and TV’s, and plethora of shade.

We love being on the water and in the water, and our three tenders, jet skis, fishing and dive gear, under water seabobs, glass bottom kayaks, and tow-ables were all selected based on our own high standards of quality.

Please come enjoy our Yacht, Tenders, Captain, Crew and Chef.